Breaking News from ACME!!!

「ACME 3rd Anniv. WE ARE VISUALKEI Special 」 ACME Song Request Program will be broadcast on our YouTube channel ♪

Due to the novel coronavirus, 「ACME 3rd Anniv. TOURーWE ARE VISUALKEI ー」has unfortunately been postponed, but ACME is here with some good news for all you ACMates! ACME will host a very special ACME Song Request Program live stream! ♪
Due to all the amazing reactions (Thank you!!!) to our previous live stream where we took song requests in the studio, and looking back on all the requests we were unable to respond to that day, we decided to hold a special request live stream program where ALL our songs will be possible! In addition, all the songs will be rare live videos!

The broadcast date and time is…

①ACME Song Request Program Part 1
1:00 PM On Air, April 12, 2020(Sunday)
ACME Official YouTube Channel

ACMates, come request all your favorite songs during our program! In addition, these rare live videos won’t be music videos! Furthermore, all the program MC’s will be ACME members! Look forward to our stream on April 12th, ACMates ♪